Privacy Policy

We collect user information responsibly and securely- and it’s never for sale.

Why do we collect your information? Simple-

When you buy something:

  • We Collect your payment information ( which is on a different, secure server )
  • We collect your Billing & Shipping address (Because we’re sending you an item )
  • We collect your contact information ( in case there is an issue! )
  • We won’t send you our promotion unless you subscribe to them – and we rarely send out promotions- when we do, it to offer you a coupon.

Below are the Google Guidelines. we work hard to meet & exceed them.

Be careful with the information that you collect from users. Specifically, follow these guidelines:

  • Collect personal information, such as credit card numbers, securely on an SSL-protected page
  • Don’t sell your users’ contact info
  • Don’t use users’ personal information or images in ads without their consent
  • Your site’s primary purpose shouldn’t be to collect users’ personal information
  • Don’t offer free items or incentives except in certain circumstances:
    • With purchase of a product
    • As part of a marketing campaign
    • When the primary purpose is not to collect personal information from users