Privacy Policy

We collect user information responsibly and securely- and it’s never for sale.

Why do we collect your information? Simple-

When you buy something:

  • We Collect your payment information ( which is on a different, secure server )
  • We collect your Billing & Shipping address (Because we’re sending you an item )
  • We collect your contact information ( in case there is an issue! )
  • We won’t send you our promotion unless you subscribe to them – and we rarely send out promotions- when we do, it to offer you a coupon.

Below are the Google Guidelines. we work hard to meet & exceed them.

Be careful with the information that you collect from users. Specifically, follow these guidelines:

  • Collect personal information, such as credit card numbers, securely on an SSL-protected page
  • Don’t sell your users’ contact info
  • Don’t use users’ personal information or images in ads without their consent
  • Your site’s primary purpose shouldn’t be to collect users’ personal information
  • Don’t offer free items or incentives except in certain circumstances:
    • With purchase of a product
    • As part of a marketing campaign
    • When the primary purpose is not to collect personal information from users

Industryrecycles believes that Industryrecycles all have a right to privacy.  collect information about you during the checkout process on our store.

What’s site collect and store

While you visit our site,’s site’ll track:

  • Products you’ve vie’s sited:’s site’ll use this to, for example, show you products you’ve recently vie’s sited
  • Location, IP address and browser type:’s site’ll use this for purposes like estimating taxes and shipping
  • Shipping address:’s site’ll ask you to enter this so’s site can, for instance, estimate shipping before you place an order, and send you the order!’s site’ll also use cookies to keep track of cart contents while you’re browsing our site.

Note: you may want to further detail your cookie policy, and link to that section from here.

When you purchase from us,’s site’ll ask you to provide information including your name, billing address, shipping address, email address, phone number, credit card/payment details and optional account information like username and password.’s site’ll use this information for purposes, such as, to:

  • Send you information about your account and order
  • Respond to your requests, including refunds and complaints
  • Process payments and prevent fraud
  • Set up your account for our store
  • Comply with any legal obligations’s site have, such as calculating taxes
  • Improve our store offerings
  • Send you marketing messages, if you choose to receive them

If you create an account,’s site will store your name, address, email and phone number, which will be used to populate the checkout for future orders.’s site generally store information about you for as long as’s site need the information for the purposes for which’s site collect and use it, and’s site are not legally required to continue to keep it. For example,’s site will store order information for XXX years for tax and accounting purposes. This includes your name, email address and billing and shipping addresses.’s site will also store comments or reviews, if you choose to leave them.

Who on our team has access

Members of our team have access to the information you provide us. For example, both Administrators and Shop Managers can access:

  • Order information like what was purchased, when it was purchased and where it should be sent, and
  • Customer information like your name, email address, and billing and shipping information.

Our team members have access to this information to help fulfill orders, process refunds and support you.

What’s site share with others

In this section you should list who you’re sharing data with, and for what purpose. This could include, but may not be limited to, analytics, marketing, payment gateways, shipping providers, and third party embeds.’s site share information with third parties who help us provide our orders and store services to you; for example — shipping service, and payment services.


In this subsection you should list which third party payment processors you’re using to take payments on your store since these may handle customer data.’s site’ve included PayPal as an example, but you should remove this if you’re not using PayPal.’s site accept payments through PayPal. When processing payments, some of your data will be passed to PayPal, including information required to process or support the payment, such as the purchase total and billing information.

Paypal will process your credit card, and any information’s site save about you, is strictly for those purposes.