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What to expect with Industryrecycles, and why we cost less:

Customer Service: To keep prices as low as our customers need them, we do not handle transactions over the phone. The nature of our inventory doesn’t lend itself to discussion. We answer EVERY question sent to us, and try to get you an answer same day. When we don’t know- we ADMIT it.  Customers seem to appreciate honesty, and real succinct answers.

Many people feel initial frustration at this, but we do answer questions, if it is in our power to do so.

( We are not experts on the thousands of different products we offer, but you will be if you have found us. We’re not the manufacturer, we’re not the distributor, we are RE-Commerce. It’s all we do, and we’re very good at it. )

Since Our re-commerce inventory consists of a wide variety of merchandise, we need to adhere to a ONE POLICY system, which we have carefully adjusted and developed since 1998. While we use due diligence in the creation of our listings and we attempt to cover every possible detail about the asset we are selling. You, the BUYER must understand and accept the fact that we are not “Underwriter’s Laboratories” (as in “UL Listed) and cannot assure you or anyone else that this product meets your expectations or any other specific or governmental fire or safety standards. What we DO GUARANTEE, is that all of our sales have a no hassle money back guarantee refund. We guarantee that what you see on the screen is what was shipped.

When answering questions, we often direct our customers to a manufacturer’s website. We do not recommend any product for any application, nor do we try to advise our buyers to purchase one product over another. There are no warranties or guarantees; expressed or implied of any kind on our items we sell.


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shipping / warehouse ph: 941-882-4363